Based on the books by James Patterson.
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 Beginner's Guide

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PostSubject: Beginner's Guide   Beginner's Guide Icon_minitimeSat Jun 19, 2010 2:54 pm

Beginner's guide, for everyone interested:

1. Sign Up/Login

Beginner's Guide 2

2. Click the Announcements forum. Read the rules and the plot.

3. Go back to the Home. (click the wings saying home in the menu at the top)

4. Click the Character Creation forum. Click the thread titled FORM TO CREATE under that forum.

Beginner's Guide 3

5. Click the link in the post. Fill out the form and click submit form. (Make up a character! It doesn't have to be anything like YOU! YOU CAN CREATE AS MANY CHARACTERS AS YOU WANT!)

6. Go back to the home and wait for you character(s) to appear under the Accepted Characters forum. You can also look at other people's characters.

7. BEGIN RPING! (RP = role-play) Go to the Role-Play HERE category and find the forum that your character fits in. You can start your own RP, or join a previously made one!
NOTICE: EACH OF YOUR CHARACTERS CAN BE IN AS MANY RP'S AS YOU WISH. DO NOT LINK STORY LINES PLEASE. (ex: Bob is in a story about hunting for animals. He is also in a story about fishing. Don't talk about fishing in your hunting story unless you can link it without mentioning the other story. Each RP thread is a SEPARATE story. Not the same BIG story!)

If you character is a Hybrid - Flock or wants to join a flock, follow these instructions:

1. Go to the Flocks category.

2. If you want to CREATE a flock (max 6 members), go to the Create a Flock forum, and post the name of your flock. When accepted, you will receive a PM/reply on the post.

3. If you want to JOIN a flock (max 6 members), go to the Join a Flock forum, and look at the List of Flocks. Copy and paste the link of the Flock you like, into your address bar. PM the starter of the flock or reply to the Flock Page post.

4. When you are accepted into the flock, TA-DA! There yah go. Now you're in.

Also, flock creators can use the Spread Your Wings forum to post stuff about their flock, interesting stuff, advertising stuff, etc. PG-13 please.

The rest of the forums (ie: Birthdays, FlockTalk, Coming/Going) are for use of person. Please keep all content PG-13, or preferably PG. Cussing and swearing will NOT be tolerated, AT ALL. Keep this in mind.


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Beginner's Guide
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